Day 86 – Wait, so I need to move the trailer?

One problem that needs to be dealt with for a trailer-mounted tinyhouse is how you’re actually going to move it from point A to point B. This boils down to: do I buy a vehicle just to move it or do I hire someone to move it for me?

Buying a vehicle

The first choice that will likely pop into your head is whether you should buy a vehicle to haul it. If you already own a tow vehicle then you need to verify whether it will be up to the task of hauling your trailer and tinyhouse. Either situation means you need to:

  • figure out the combined weight of the trailer and tinyhouse
  • find your (potential) tow vehicle’s maximum towing weight and tongue weight
  • ensure your trailer+tinyhouse total weight, and the trailer’s tongue weight, don’t exceed the vehicles rating

This site seems to be a good start on estimating your weight issue.

There seems quite a lot of debate surrounding buying a vehicle purely for the ability to haul a trailer as there can be significant costs involved, including general maintenance to costly breakdowns.

Hiring a mover

The other alternative is to hire someone to move your tinyhouse for you, or if you have access to a capable vehicle to just have a friend/family member do it!

The downside to this is that you would not be able to move your tinyhouse on-demand.

For myself I ended up buying the used truck below. I like having the peace of mind knowing that I will have all the tools necessary to move the trailer whenever I need to, however, I believe that this is definitely the more expensive option!


This is a Ford 2003 F250. I actually didn’t want to get a truck like this as after much research I found that the Ford 6.0L Diesel engine is known for having some problems and it’s had numerous recalls, including a class-action lawsuit in the US. However, the price was decent enough for my budget and the other trucks I looked at were well outside of it!

Since I have the means to do some hauling of materials at a whim now I think it’s time to start buying the lumber and building the walls! Once the trailer is finished I will just toss the finished framing on the trailer and haul it up to the build site, which hopefully happens within the next few weeks.


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